Stéphane Chazelas
Software and Telecommunication Engineer

Personal address Stéphane Chazelas
92/5 East Crosscauseway
Edinburgh EH8 9HQ (UK)
Born 3rd of November 1975 (34 year old)
Nationality French

Professional objectives

I thrive on tackling diversified high technology challenges that involve creativity and problem solving. I have got an extensive knowledge of UNIX/Linux, OpenSource and computer networks, fast learning abilities and a wide ranging academic background, I seek a position as a software engineer in a progressive company that will fulfil my eagerness to extend my experience and knowledge.


Programming Strong skills in C (and the UNIX API) and perl; expert in UNIX shells; good knowledge of a number of other interpreted languages (python, TCL, PHP...); working-level knowledge of SQL (MySQL), x86 and PowerPC assembler; past experiences in object oriented development (C++, Java, Ada) and distributed programming (C, PVM, Ada, Java).
Operating systems UNIX: expert on Linux (user and kernel space) and free software in general; experience on Solaris, FreeBSD, HPUX.
Networks Extensive knowledge of internet protocols (ethernet, IP (v4 & 6), UDP, TCP, SCTP and many application level ones HTTP, LDAP, SSL, IMAP...), strong knowledge of SS7/SIGTRAN; development of network stacks using STREAMS; network and system administration, web design.
Embedded Computing Involvement with cPCI, ATCA, µTCA computing and telecom equipement running Linux or VxWorks (mostly PowerPC architecture): support and maintenance of low-level drivers, debugging of MMU, cache, clocking... issues; platform management (IPMI, SNMP), U-Boot, cross-compilation, cross-debugging, building tailored Linux file systems...
Tools Mastering the UNIX toolchest (base, administration and development); CVS, Apache, MySQL, Nagios...
General skills Fast and willing to learn, thorough, strong skills in analysing code and grokking a design, creative in approach to problem solving. Additional skills (through education and pastimes) in signal processing, algebra, artificial intelligence, electromagnetics, optics, electronics, mechanics, telephony, music. Strong maths and physics background.
Languages French: mother tongue,
English: fluent,
Spanish: good reading and comprehension skills.


2009 - current IT Manager at SeeByte, Edinburgh:
  • Design, implement and maintain the company's IT infrastructure and systems, mostly based on OpenSource solutions (XEN based virtualization, LAMP, ad-hoc tools mostly for the software engineering department..., Ubuntu/CentOS/OpenSUSE/WindowXP Operating Systems)
  • Install, support and maintain the heterogeneous (Mac, Windows, Linux) computer park
2005 - 2008 Product Support Engineer for Emerson Network Power, Embedded Computing, Edinburgh. Three folds to this job:
  • Support and Maintenance of SS7/SIGTRAN (telephony) protocol stack software for the telecom equipment manufacturers (Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent, HP, Nortel...), including design and implementation of customer requested features. Languages: C, shells, TCL. Technologies: SS7, SIGTRAN, STREAMS, IP, Linux, VxWorks.
  • Support and maintenance of embedded computing telecom hardware and their Linux or VxWorks operating systems. Language: C, Technologies: ATCA, cPCI, PowerPC, IPMI, ethernet, Linux, VxWorks.
  • IT: design and maintenance of services for the engineering and support departments: web based (wiki, design of version control and bug tracking tools, network monitoring...), writing of development, debugging and testing tools for engineering. Languages: perl, C, PHP, Python, TCL, shells. Technologies: Web Design (CGI/PHP), SNMP, IPMI, IP, wiki, Oracle, Nagios, pcap, CVS...
2004 (7 months) Worked for Morse Group Ltd. Edinburgh, UK as a helpdesk engineer. Provided telephone support on Sun hardware and Sun, BMC and Veritas software (UNIX). British and French customers.
2001 - 2003 Worked for the IT consultancy company ALTEN (Grenoble, France) on two sub-contracts:
Hewlett Packard:
performed specifications, developments, maintenance, tests for the HP OpenCall IAC product (Internet providing and VoIP solution for telecom operators). Technologies: SS7, ISDN, intelligent networks, SNMP, fault-tolerance/replication, HPUX. Languages: C++, shells, SLEL.
designed and implemented parts, set up a test framework (perl and shell) for the PortalXpert product, a secured Web portal. Technologies: HTTP, LDAP, SSL, Solaris. Languages: C, perl, shells.
1999 (6 months) Raytheon Systems of Canada Limited, Richmond, Canada.
Intern as an Ada 83 programmer on the very large scale, heavily security oriented CAATS project: the Canadian Automated Air Traffic Control System.


1999 Diplôme d'ingénieur (equivalent to a Masters of Engineering) from the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne (TELECOM Bretagne), computer science specialisation.
1993 - 1995 Post high school advanced Maths and Physics classes in preparation for competitive entrance examinations to French engineering schools.
1993 Baccalauréat Maths and Sciences (school leaving certificate) with honours.


Sports Unicycling, hiking, paragliding.
Computers Involved in the UNIX and Free Software/OpenSource community (writings, contributions to projects).
Leisure activities Guitar, juggling, cooking and family life.

References available upon request